Our Sonic Dry Clean Machine

The Dry Clean Process

This process uses computerised controlled air, vacuum, vibration and rotation cycles to safely restore the air filter to it’s maximum operating efficiency. The Sonic Dry Clean process does not use any chemicals or water.

A filter cleaned by Sonic Dry Clean can successfully pass our quality control standards an average number of 6 times.

Our sonic dry clean process is always the first processed used. This is because it is easier on your filter than a process which involves water. The filter media can be weakened by a water washing process, as well as the water causing resins, which hold the fibres together, to be leached out.

We will always use our Sonic Dry Clean process first, followed by our Cyclo-Rinse machine wet-wash process only if the filter fails a quality control test after the initial dry clean process.

With some filters it is necessary to use our Cyclo-Rinse machine wet wash process, as in the case for cleaning diesel air filters. It is only with the addition of a wet-wash process can hydrocarbon contaminants be effectively removed from a diesel filter.