How long does it take to clean a filter?

Our service can take from as little as one hour to 1 week to cater to urgent requirements. Our standard pickup/drop off service runs every 4 weeks in summer and every 6 weeks in winter.

When is the best time to have my filters cleaned?

Anytime your filter is not working efficiently. Filter cleaning also tends to be seasonal, which has to do with higher levels of dust in summer compared to colder months.

Is it a myth that there is a machine that can wash air filters?

Our Cyclo-Rinse machine, manufactured by Donaldson Airfilters, does just that. Because a wash is harder on a filter we always dry clean your filters first and then test them. If they fail our quality control test, only then do we put them through the Cyclo-Rinse machine.

Why do you offer two filter cleaning processes?

Our Sonic Dry Clean machine uses vibration, vacuum and rotation to safely clean your filter. If, after cleaning, your filter fails our testing processes, then we offer a second wash cleaning process. Our aim is to return your filter to maximum operating efficiency.

Does it cost extra for a second cleaning process?

No, it does not cost more. Whether your filter passes our quality control test after a dry clean process, or after an additional wet wash process, the cost is the same. Our aim is return your filter to you in prime working condition, as many times as possible.

How do you test a filter for efficiency?

We maintain rigorous quality control standards which inspect for damage, pinholes, and measure air flow restrictions. We have the specialised equipment to undergo these tests and you’re welcome to contact us for more information.

Is it a myth that an air filter works better with 10% contamination in the filter?

Because it’s not contamination as much as well known by industry experts as an initial precoat. It’s common sense that a new filter is going to allow more dirt to pass through than a filter that has built up a precoat. Any filter manufacturer will tell you that your engine is at it’s greatest risk of ingesting dirt right after a new filter is installed. What they won’t tell you, is that filters are not currently being recycled, so environmentally speaking it’s better to have your filters cleaned and reused to slow the landfill process until an effective way to recycle filters is found.

Is it a myth that washing an air filter damages the paper?

Not entirely, let us explain. A wet wash is a more effective cleaning process than a dry clean process, and it’s the only process that is effective for cleaning diesel filters as it removes hydrocarbon contaminants - which a dry process cannot effectively do. However, washing a filter is harder on the filter as it can cause resins - which hold the fibres together - to be leached out. This is why we dry clean first, and only undertake a wet wash process if the filter fails it’s initial tests.

What is the life span of a filter?

In terms of how many times a filter can be cleaned, from our experience this is our averages: A filter can successfully pass our quality control standards after a Sonic Dry Clean process about 10 times. A filter can successfully pass our quality control standards after a Cyclo-Rinse wet wash process about 4 times. There is no charge for a filter that fails, so there is no risk in re-using the same filter for as long as you possibly can.

Do I need a spare filter?

Yes, please invest in a spare filter. In this way our process of pickup and drop off will work to it’s optimum efficiency for you. We simply pickup your used filter, clean and test it, and return it to you in our next cycle, then picking up your other used filter, and process repeat. Our cycles run 4-6 weeks depending on the season, and we are happy to arrange an urgent service if and when required.

Who should I talk to about filter cleaning, supply and replacement?

Why, us of course! Give John or Linda a call on 03 348 2776 for all your queries, or contact us directly through the website. We’re based in Christchurch and we roam the South Island to meet our customers in person and gladly provide our pickup/dropoff service.