South Island Filters

1. Pickup Up/Drop off Service

We run trips to pickup and drop off filters for customers throughout the South Island. Our usual routes are to Nelson, a central route to the West Coast ,then Christchurch to Invercargill back through Queenstown.
We are happy to divert our pickup/drop off route to collect your filter, or we can arrange a courier if necessary.

  • Our pickup/drop off service is every 4 weeks in summer.
  • Our pickup/drop off service is every 6 weeks in winter.
  • Further arrangements can be made to suit individual requirements.

We also provide a rush service if you do not have a spare filter. A rush service can provide a turnaround of between 1 hour and 1 week, so contact us today for all your air filter cleaning requirements.

2. Sonic Dry Clean Machine – Dry Clean Process

All filters are dry cleaned through our Sonic Dry Clean machine. In our experience we believe this is the best method of cleaning air filters.

  • Our sonic dry clean process results in no damage to the filter media.
  • With this process the average number of cleans a filter can have is 6, without compromising the integrity of the filter.

Follow this link to: Read More About Sonic Dry Clean.

3. Testing Process

Our quality control standards are rigorous, and all cleaned filters must pass strict tests which inspect for damage, pinholes, and measure air flow restrictions.

After a Sonic Dry Clean and having undergone our testing processes, some filters simply do not have sufficient air flow. These we then put through our Cyclo-Rinse machine for a wet wash.