Our Cyclo-Rinse Machine

The Wet Wash Process

Our Cyclo-Rinse machine was originally designed and made by Donaldson Air filters, and is as efficient today as it’s ever been.

The wet wash process that is undertaken in our Cyclo-Rinse machine is is proven as the only air filter cleaning process which is able to restore an air filter to “as new” condition. As a cleaned filter performs better than a new filter due to it’s initial precoat, we also say that our services provide you with a “better than new” filter.

Due to the more rigorous process involving water, a filter cleaned by the Cyclo-Rinse process can successfully pass our quality control standards a maximum number of 4 times.


The Only Effective Cleaning Process For Diesel Air Filters

The Cyclo-Rinse process is the only air filter cleaning process which effectively removes hydrocarbon contaminants from an air filter. No other process can match the results for cleaning diesel air filters. This is a proven fact, which many of our long term customers will verify.

You can be confident that your engine will be protected and your fuel bill reduced when your send your air filters to the team here at South Island Filter Cleaning Specialists.